DSL - DOST   Jouk, n. Also: jowk, juike.  [f. the verb.] a. A quick ducking or dodging movement. b. A bobbed obeisance, a genuflexion. c. fig. A `dodge', a shifty trick, an evasion. --- a.  In circulis wyde scho drave hym our the bent, With mony a curs and jowk, abowt, abowt; Doug. xiii. xi. 101. b.  For all 3our joukis and your noddis, 3our hartis is hard as ony stone; G. Ball. 193. c.  To George Durrie he played a juike That will not be foryet this oulke; 1584 Sempill Sat. P. xlv. 964.