DSL - DOST   Legavrik, -wreik, n.  [? Cf. Gael. leth-gheamhradh the winter half of the year, 1st Nov. to 30th April (Dwelly).] The name given to one of the eight annual fairs of Inverness which was held on 1st February, ? for `the winter-fair'. ---  [Charter of confirmation to Inverness] cum octo ... lie frie fairis in anno, viz. una ad lie Palme-Sunday, ... septima 1 Feb. vocat. Legavrik, octava ... vocat. Sanct-Markis-fair; 1591-2 Reg. Great S. 679/1.  Legavrik; 1641 Acts V. (1817) 630/1.  Legawreik; 1661 Acts VII. 112/1.