DSL - DOST   Scunner, Skunner, -yr, v. Also: scunder, scouner, scowner, scounr-, skownr-, skonr-, skynnr-.  [Of unknown origin. Cf. ME skurn to shrink, flinch, take flight (Cursor M.), `perhaps. cognate with ON skirra-sk to shrink from'.]
    1. intr. To feel reluctance (to do something); to hesitate; to feel disgust, revulsion or discouragement.  Thai ... askyt ... Quhether that thai suld duell or gang Bot thai war skownrand [C. schonand, 1571 stoneist] wonder sar Sa fer in-to Scotland for to far; Barb. v 201.  Bot thai ... skunnyrrit [E. scounryt] tharfor na-kyn thing, Bot went stoutly till assalyng; Barb. xvii 651 (C).  Faynt off kynd all women was And mekyll scownerand to se blude; Wynt. ii 1457.  No langar ly, And scouner nocht to ryd in rane and wynd; K. Hart 591.  3eit ... The rest of the Douglassis skynnrit, thinking the marieage to be wnlesum; Pitsc. I 47/25.  We to death will fight, ... Who suffered for the truth, nothing we skunner; Adamson Muses Thr. 134.  Such as others would scunner and loath to hear them but mentioned; Durham Christ Crucified (1683) 72.
    2. To scunner with or, chiefly, to scunner at, to shrink from in revulsion; to be disgusted by; to feel sickness or nausea.
    OED gives one English instance of to scunner at (1635). (1)  Scho relewit thame ... & skonryt with nane How foule seknes sa thai had tane; Leg. S. xlvi 99.  We can not see it, and thairfoir we skunner not with it; Rollock Wks. I 437. (2)  Kathrene Nyneday ... skunnerit at [Crim. Trials I ii 197, skunnirrit with] it [sc. the poisoning of Lady Balnagoun] samekill that scho sad it wes the sairest & crowellest sicht that evir sche saw; 1590 Digest Justiciary Proc. M 24.  Remembring of that horrible promise ... they might skunner at the same; James VI Dæmonol. (STS) 23/30.  Least ... they might sturre and skunner at his vglinesse; James VI Dæmonol. (STS) 36/20.  He hes not skunnerit at thee, at thy worsum bylis and botchis; Rollock Wks. I 444.  Thank God that thy heart scunners at the conversation of the wicked; Dickson Wr. 98.  A thing that is unclean ... we will skunner at it, and turn our backs upon it; Henderson Serm. 431.  For their reasons and conclusions I yet scunner at; 1639 Baillie I 116.  The children of God ... do not skunner at courses approven of God; Binning Case of Conscience 34.  And how men scunner and ugg at their meat being conveyed to them thro' and in such vessels; Fraser Lawfulness Separ. 80.  Which the Turk himself could not but scunner at; Dick Testim. 2.  We scunner at most part of meat Which we're not used for to eat; Cleland 104. (b)  When sinlesse nature did sinlesly scunder at the infinite ugsomenes of the cup of wrath; c1660 J. Livingstone in Sel. Biog. I 273.