DSL - SND1   THON, pron., adj. Also thone (Sc. 1808 Jam.), thoan (em.Sc. (a) 1944 Scots Mag. (April) 3); misprinted thor (Mry. 1913 Kenilworth Mag. II. iii. 55). [ðon, ðOn]     I. pron. That, yon, indicating something more distant in place or time from the speaker in relation to another thing or to the most remote of three (Sc. 1808 Jam.; Uls. 1953 Traynor). Gen. (exc. I.) Sc. Also in n.Eng. dial.
    *Abd. 1804 W. Tarras Poems 96:
    Leuk down the gate, what squabble's thon?
    *Sc. 1818 S. E. Ferrier Marriage ii.:
    Hoose! ca' ye thon a hoose? Thon's gude Glenfern Castle.
    *s.Sc. 1873 D.S.C.S. 186:
    This is mine, that's yours, but whae's aucht thon?
    *Sc. 1893 Stevenson Catriona i.:
    Ca' thon a leddy?
    *Fif. 1894 J. Menzies Our Town 55:
    He cudna dress like thon on little siller.
    *Abd. 1918 C. Murray Sough o' War 46:
    An' last comes Sandy --- he's a nickum thon.
    *Rnf. 1935 G. Blake Shipbuilders ix.:
    My, she's a right tear thon!
    *Arg. 1947 Scots Mag. (Dec.) 192:
    It would be a wild thing if the like of thon were to happen to his own lassie.

    II. adj. That, those, yon (Sc. 1808 Jam.; Uls. 1953 Traynor Gl.). Gen. (exc. I.) Sc. Also in n.Eng. dial. Thon thing, a thing not to be mentioned by its own name as too ominous; in fisher taboo usage: a salmon.
    *Sc. 1893 Stevenson Catriona xv.:
    Ye can try Thon Thing wi' the gun.
    *Hdg. 1903 J. Lumsden Toorle 199:
    Aneth thon roarin', neck and heels, The feck o' them is swirl'd!
    *Abd. 1920 C. L. Hay When the Cat's Awa' 6:
    Fat's thon door owre yon'er?
    *m.Sc. 1928 O. Douglas Ann and Her Mother i.:
    Ye wad need to fit in about thon daft man.
    *Abd. 1951 Scots Mag. (Nov.) 114:
    He's sittin' anither o' thon exams next week.
    *Ags. 1968 Dundee Courier (13 Jan.):
    There is a superstition about [salmon], and one may speak only of ``thon things.''

    [Conflation of YON and THAT.]