DSL - SNDS2   FURRY BOOT(S) CITY, n. Jocular nickname for Aberdeen. Also adj. Furry Boot, of or from Aberdeen. [
    corruption of fauraboots are ye fae? where are you from?; cf. FAR adv. 2, conj. ]
    *Sc. 1992 Herald 24 Jul 18:
    Going to Nuremberg to drive and talk about Audis had undertones of Tom Shields's Furry Boots City. Posters extolled the virtues of a health drink recommended by local sports clubs. Advertised as being full of the right minerals and vitamins, it rejoices in the name of FitLike.
    *Sc. 1992 Herald 26 Nov 10:
    Just over a year ago a company move forced out family to up sticks from Glasgow and head for Furry Boots City. The oil capital of Europe seems to be sucking ever more refugees from the Central Belt into its orbit.
    *Sc. 1992 Independent 30 Nov 26:
    The men from the furry boots city are beginning to draw attention to the ever-brightening northern lights, having scored 13 goals in their last two games.
    *Sc. 1995 Scotsman 21 Jun 11:
    Several, thousand that is, readers have asked why Aberdeen is sometimes referred to as furry boot city.
The answer is a question: "Furry boot y' frae?"

    *Sc. 1997 Observer 20 Jul 30:
    Aberdeen is the only place I know where it snows on the beach. It's known as Furry Boots city, but this has nothing to do with the clothes people wear. ... The moniker refers to the greeting accorded strangers, `Furry boots ya fae?' Which means, `Whereabouts are you from?'
    *em.Sc. 1997 Ian Rankin Black & Blue (1999) 24:
    He pulled a carrier bag out of one of the side pockets: new tapes --- Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Dancing Pigs again. The receipt was from HMV in Aberdeen.
'My guess,' Rebus said: `he worked in Furry Boot town.'

    *em.Sc. 1997 Ian Rankin Black & Blue (1999) 49:
    Johnny Bible's first victim: Duthie Park, Aberdeen. Michelle Strachan came from Pittenweem in Fife, so of course all her Furry Boot pals called her Michelle Fifer.
    *Sc. 1999 Sunday Herald 23 May 21:
    The poor people of Aberdeen have to put up with endless jokes about sheep, largely spawned by uncouth southerners. But the latest sheep saga to hit furry-boots city was entirely home-grown ...
    *Ork. 2000 Orcadian 18 May 21:
    The heid yins from Furry Boot City brought with them a PowerPoint projector, linked to a laptop.