DSL - SND1   GUTTIE, n.2 Also gutty. Gutta-percha, india-rubber, anything wholly or partly made of rubber, e.g. a boy's catapult (Per., Edb., Ayr. 1955), a gym shoe (Lnk. 1954 Sc. Educ. Jnl. (30 July) 509; Ayr. 1955), but esp. a golfball (m. and s.Sc., Uls. 1955). Freq. attrib. with ba (Ib.). See also GUTTA.
    *Lnk. 1881 A. Wardrop Poems 106:
    He's speel'd up tae the dresser heid, To get his gutty ba'.
    *Sc. 1928 B. Darwin Green Memories 14:
    He gave old balls, not gutties but featheries, to the little boys to play with in the road.
    *wm.Sc. 1931 Gsw. Herald (14 Feb.):
    Weel dae I mind o' my ain feyther bringin' ane o' thae gutty ba's hame wi' him that he had gotten frae either Auld Tam or Alan Robertson.
    *Sc. 1937 Times (22 March) 14:
    Three of his [Harry Vardon's] championships were won after the introduction of the rubber-cored ball in 1902, but it was with the gutty . . . that he was supreme.
    *Sc. 1951 Scots Mag. (Oct.) 44:
    In thae days the hole was a guid thing shorter, so wi' the gutty twa lang skelps puts you hame.
    *Fif. 1954 St Andrews Cit. (21 Aug.) 8:
    Old and rare golf books, clubs and balls; also magazines, annuals, programmes and all publications relating to golf; set of gutty golf ball moulds.

    [A variant in -ie of GUTTA, or curtailed form of GUTTY-PERKY.]