DSL - DOST   Wyn(e, Win(e, n. Also: vyn(e, vin(e, wynne, wyine, vyin, weyn(e, wayne.  [ME and e.m.E. uine (a1175), wine (Layamon), vyn (Cursor M.), wyn(e (both Wyclif), wyyne (Prompt. Parv.), OE wín, MLG, MDu. wîn, ON vín.]
    1. a. Wine. Also attrib. and fig.
    Appar. chiefly or only imported.  (a)  Saw thai ga Off Inglis-men [thretty] and ma Chargit all with syndry thingis. Sum bar  wyne  [C. vyne] & sum armyngis; Barb. iv 407.  Wyn; Leg. S. ii 714.  Thane send scho sere presentis gret Of gold, siluir,  wyne , & quhet, To the abbot of that abbay; Leg. S. xxxi 298.  Win; Alex. i 2486.  Gyf the schipmen says that the cordis ar gude and the wynys spyl thai sal pay the gudes to the marchandis; Ship Laws c. 28 (B).  Anent the ... impediment makin ... to prouost & ballies & communite of Glasgw in the bying of certane  wyne  fra Peris Cokate Franschman & out of his schip in the water of Clide; 1469 Acta Aud. 9/2.  Vyn; 1495 Halyb. 88.  Vin; 1497-8 Halyb. 151.  They wauchtit at the wicht  wyne  and waris out wourdis; Dunb. Tua Mar. W. 39.  Sum wynnis, sum tynis; Sum makis him mirry at the wynis; Dunb. (OUP) 200/32.  Wine; Doug. iii ix 83 (Ruddim.).  Gevin for ane boit to have the said  wyne , speris, and harnes of the kingis grace, fra Rowane to the Newhavin xiij frs.; 1538 Treas. Acc. VII 40.  Aquavite,  wyne , and aill; Lynd. Meldrum 886.  The fume of the vyne montit on his harnes, sa that ... he fell in sa sound a sleip; Hamilton Cath. Tr. in Cath. Tr. (STS) 91/9.  3our merchandis sould nocht pas to Burdeouse to bring hame vyne, becaus it makis monie of 3our headdis dissie; Burne Disput. 169.  Ane tvne of vyne sewin scoir sextein pundis the tvne; 1591 Reg. Morton I 176.  Glasgw is the maist renoumed market in all the west ... till Argyle, in the hilande Iles, and lykwyse to the outmest Iles in Irland it sendes baith vine and ale; Dalr. I 17/4.  Thomas Powtye ... is enterit ... prenteis to James Brown ... and payit ... ane quart of vine as just dewitie pertenyng of auld to the deakin; 1615 St. A. Baxter Bks. 81.   Wyne  salt wade yrne tar lint and uther suche necessaris forrene commodities quhairof this cuntrie standis in neid of air yeirlie importit; 1623 Aberd. Council Lett. I 209.  Albeit the  wyne  and tobbacco is exceptit out of the tack of our excys, yit it is not so in the tack of our customes ... And the  wyne  we ar only obligit to compt for what salbe importit above sewne score tunes of  wyne  which we will never or seldom exceed; 1654 Aberd. Council Lett. III 245.  Much  wyne s sauld in Edinburgh wer corruptit and mixt, drawn over and kirned with milk, brinstone, and uther ingrediantis; 1656 Nicoll Diary 189.  The rait of the custome of the burghe of Banff ... everie tun of wyn importit, 8 s.; 1660 Banff Ann. I 143. (b)  To the merchand of wynnes, be the kingis command ix s.; 1502 Treas. Acc. II 153.  Christ turnit the watter in wynne at the mariage in Cana; Nisbet I 12. (c)  Quod the tauernneir `Thair is sic wyine in my selleir Hes newer come in this cuntrie'; Dunb. (STS) xxxiv 47 (M).  That thai mycht haif passage with thair vyinis to part & place, quhair thai mycht haif prevalege to [etc.]; 1561 Dumfries B. Ct. 20b. (d)  Your grace moun caus vevaris to cum vyth the Franch men both of weyn and flour and uder nessesares for thar is lytell to geit in this cuntre; 1548-9 Corr. M. Lorraine 296.  The merchants of this citie hes been groasly abused by the magistrats of Glasgow when they had occasione to bring weynes and uther goods [from the] new port of Glasgow; 1674 Edinb. B. Rec. X 197.  James Lands ... his intromissione with the impositione upon weynes the third pairt whereof is aplyed towards the peyment of the saids ministers there stipends; 1675 Edinb. B. Rec. X 247. (e)  For ane allmowtha of wayne 9 R; 1601 Dundee Shipping P. 70.  attrib.  He maid of  wyne  levere Till ilk man that he payit suld be; Barb. xiv 233. fig.  A death that hath the wine of the wrath of God without mixture in the cup of his indignation; Durham Blessedness Death (1682) 38.

    b. A variety of wine.
    See also BURDEAU(L)X n., BURDEOUS n. (2), CLARET n., FRENCHE adj. 1 (4), QUHIT(E) WYN(E, RED(E adj. 3 (1), RINIS adj., RINS adj. 2, ROCHELL(E attrib., SEK n.2 (1), SPANIS adj. 2 (4) for further examples.  (1)  Here spekis the noble philosophour of the syndry kyndis of wynis and of thair naturis and proprieteis eftir thair condiciounis and placis of thair grouth ... thir wynis that growis ... in hye landis ar better ... for thai wynis expellis the superfluiteis of nature, and hetis better the stomak and all the body na dois the tothir kynde of  wyne  that is of caldar kynde. Bot thir hate wynis ar nocht gude for 3ong hate men of hate blude; Hay II 140/3, 9, 10, 12, 13.  That ... nane of oure souerane lordis liegis bring corrupt or mixt  wyne  within the realme ... bot send it agane furth of the realme vndir the pane of dede; 1482 Acts II 144/1.  To drynk with us the new fresche  wyne  That grew upoun the rever of Ryne; Dunb. (OUP) 74/53.  The provident Beginnar of the warld hes nocht but gret resoun maid thair region nakit and bair of winis; knawing ... that winis, howbeit the samin ar richt necessar to all uthir peple, ar richt skaithfull to the nature of Albianis: for thay ar gevin to sic unnaturall voracite and desire of uncouth metis and drinkis, that thay can nocht refrene thaimself fra immoderat excesse; Bell. Boece I xxiv.  Scho confest that scho leirnit of Janet Stewart to tak rawff Spain3ie seid, and steip it amang quyte  wyne , and gif it to drink, for the fawing evill; 1597 Crim. Trials II 29.  (2)  Gascone  wyne ; 1431 Acts II 20/1.  Turke wyn; Wall. viii 1258 (see TURKY n. 2 (1)).  That nane of thaim tak upoun hand to by ony wynis that is cumin ... in the ... portis of this realme, at the eist and northland seyis ... of ony derrer price nor xvij li. the toun of Bourdeoux  wyne , and xiij li. the toun of Rochell  wyne ; 1552 Reg. Privy C. I 129.  Fyve twnis  wyne  burdeaux bind and xxv twnis land  wyne ; 1613 Dundee Shipping L. 235.  Best Maluasy, Muscadine and Leaticke wines; Lithgow Trav. iii 78.  Ane punscheoun of Spaines  wyne , ane punscheoun of hie countrey  wyne ; 1633 M. Works Acc. (ed.) II 365.  In the rekoneing for vyne claret and kinnarie beir bread fyre £6 8 s.; 1664 Household Bks. Archb. Sharp in Misc. Maitl. C. II 503.  The said Alexander [is fined an unlaw of ten dollars for] his buyeing of sex peice of French weyne from the said captan; 1678 Edinb. B. Rec. X 332.  Some gentle medicine agrees best, and the drinking som tymes wyper wyn would not be inconvenient; 1687 Cromartie Corr. II 51. (3)  Preparand for vse ane epitheme for the hart of ... vinagir, vyne of granatis, camphore [etc.]; Skeyne Descr. Pest 34.
    c.  Wyne  and spice (spycerie), wine flavoured with spice. See also SPICE n. 1 b and SPICERY n.1 1 b.
    d. specif. Wine used as part of the sacrament of the Eucharist or Holy Communion.   In this haly sacrament [sc. the Eucharist] the forme of the breid and of the wyn & the wourdis that Jhesus ordand for consecracioun ar sensible; Irland Mir. III 21/26.  Figuris of our blist Sacrament first breid &  wyne  consecrat & institut be Crist; Asl. MS I 313/14.  Ane ewar of siluer for wyn; c1500 Coll. St. Salvator 161.  On the sacrament day gevin to the bischop of Ros that bure the sacrament, in  wyne  and scrottis3arttis that extendit to xvj s. viij d.; 1552-3 Edinb. B. Rec. II 276.  He ... gaif us syne His blude to drink, in forme of  wyne ; G. Ball. 17.  The Lutherians ... sayis that Christis auin bodie and blude ar thair conionit vith the breid and vyne, sa thay call it impanation; Hamilton Cath. Tr. 14.  Giffin out off the box sex poundis to by  wyne  to the comunioun; 1620 Fraserburgh Kirk S. 107 (12 April).  Ordained to attend the tables for the bread bairing ... for the  wyne  bearing ... for the tickitis; 1631 S. Leith Rec. 20/2.  Papists injoyne all the relickes of the hostie and wine ... to be gathered together; 1641 Baillie Parall. Liturgy 51.  For 24 pynts of  wyne  at one pound and eight shillings per pynt for the use of the communion; 1701 E. Loth. Antiq. Soc. II 50.  
    2. comb. With SELLAR n.1, TAPSTAR n. and TAVERNAR n., a seller, etc. of wine. Also  wyne  selling. (1)  All vane waistouris tak away Regratouris that takkis doubill pay And wynsellaris our deir; Maitland in Maitl. F. 26/68.  Vynsellaris & aill sellaris and velthie merchandis; 1584 St. A. Baxter Bks. 39. ---  Than may ye haue four fontanis our all pairtis of your tovne within vij yeris, takand na greittar impositioun thairto fra your vyne tapstaris than ye haue hurt be thair fals mesouris; 1552 Edinb. B. Rec. II 171. ---  [The challance] of wyn tawernaris. In primis at thai sell wyn but tasting [etc.]; Acts I 335/2.  (2)  We will that nane hant nor excers the office of brewing, selling, bakin,  wyne  selling, or ony vthir merchandis; 1495 Reg. Cupar A. I 246.  Vine selling; 1550 Reg. Cupar A. II 75.  
    b.  Wyne  berry (BERY n.) ? the (red) currant (see SND Wine n. 1),  wyne  grape (GRAPE n.1).   And all the  wyne  berryis war pretius stanes And all the benkis war of serpent banis; Hay Alex. 11314.  The  wyne  graip rottis and deis gif it ly at the erd vndir the leif; Porteous Noblenes 12 (Ch. & M.).  To the man that brocht the  wyne  grapes fra Air to Strivelin xiiij s.; 1501 Treas. Acc. II 103.  Men gaderis nocht a  wyne  grape of a busse of breris; Nisbet Luke vi 44.  A pair of pertregis 2 pound of  wyne  greaps; 1631 Buccleuch Household Bk. 1 Oct.  This yeir producit rype  wyne berries and graps, and abundance of Scottis chestanes; 1652 Nicoll Diary 102.
    c. attrib. With cave see CAVE n. 2 a cellar, taverne (TAVERN n.); boise (BOIST n. 2) = next, calf (CAVE n. 3) a case for holding wine bottles, cok (COK n.1 4 a tap or spigot), flaccon (FLAC(C)ON(E n. a flagon), glas (GLAS n. 2(3)) a wine glass, hogeit (HOGHED n.) a wine cask, pipe (PIPE n.2) a wine cask, puntion see PUNS(C)HIO(U)N(E n.2 b, sellair see SELLAR n.2 4, stop (STOUP n.1).  (1)  In his  wyne  taverne ... four twneis burdeaux  wyne ; 1594 Edinb. Test. XXVII 209b.  That na person within this brugh be found ... drinking in any vyne or aill tavern ... after ten houres of the night; 1558-9 (c1650) Dundee B. Laws 18.  He shall give ane denner to the haill brethrene of the craft in quhatsumewer wyn-tawering it sall please the deacone; 1621 Dundee B. Laws 349.  (2)  In Faukland, payit for girthing of the kingis  wyne  [pr. wnye] pipes thare, ij s.; 1504 Treas. Acc. II 461.  Sum ran to the wyn flacconys for gret ire; Doug. xii v 161.  For  wyne  stopis to the kingis schip iiij frs. x s.; 1537 Treas. Acc. VI 465.  The wine stouppis, the watter mettis, and all wther measuris pertaining to the Gild; 1576 (1650) Dundee B. Laws 118.  Vter, tris a wine boise; Duncan App. Etym.  For sum  wyne  cokis to draw the  wyne  be, 4 s.; 1629-30 Misc. Spald. C. V 103.  A  wyne  glas; 1631 Buccleuch Household Bk. 1 Oct.  Ane  wyne  hogeit; 1636 Edinb. Test. LVII 259a.  Ane  wyne  calf pryce xl s.; 1646 Edinb. Test. LXI 267b.  For 2  wyne  glasses and a bear glass; 1681 Foulis Acc. Bk. 98.  
    d.  Wyne  pres, a wine-press. Also attrib. Also in fig. context. See PERSOUR n. or VINE n. 4 (3) for a further example.   Vinacea, kirnellis of  wyne  pressis; Despauter (1579).  A wine presse; Carmichael Etym. 6.  Torcular, a wine presse; Despauter (1617) 40. attrib.  A vine-presse house, standing alone amongst vineyards; Lithgow Trav. x 459.  fig.  They haiff cast down the dyk, cutted the hedge, demolished the towre, brokin the  wyne -pres, banished the watchmen and laborars, the snedders and delvers of the  wyne -yeard of the Lord; 1584 Melvill 177.  
    e.  Wyne  lauch (lawing), see LAUCH n.2, LAWING n.1 2 a reckoning for wine.  Wyne  silver, revenue obtained from a tax levied on wine, cf. also quot. 1675 in 1 (d) above.   The said Williame being than addettit to Andro Williamesoun in xli xs of  wyne  silver; 1570 Canongate Ct. Bk. 248.  Cudbert McClellane ... to pay to the bail3ies xv s. vj d. restand of his vyne siluir; 1582 Kirkcudbr. B. Rec. I 175.  The bail3ies delyvered to thesaurer James Matheson thrie hundred punds of the  wyne  silver resaved ... to be employed uponne the repairinge upon the ruiffe of the kirk; 1614 S. Leith Rec. 12/2.