DSL - DOST   Cowp, Coup, v.1 Also: cowpe.  [Cf. ME. cowpe (rare) to strike.]
    1. tr. and intr. To turn up; to upset, overset, overturn.  The poore woman perceaving ... that he stoupit down in hir tub ... cowprd up his heillis, so that his heid went doun; Knox II. 15.  His mynd was only to dryve tyme till he could find oportunitie to cowpe the court; Bann. Memor. 20.  What soeuer he be that reposes upon his gud seruice, is commonly cowped and wraked; Melvil Mem. 404.  The whirling stream will make our boat to coup; Adamson Muses Thr. 136.  These lands have devoured their judges and couped them; 1653 Brodie Diary 33.
    2. To empty out by overturning.  [I began] to inspect the earth about it & I thoght it lay all in little heapes as if it had been new coupped out of hurlebarrowes; 1653 Sir J. Hope Journal 155.