DSL - SND1   BONXIE, n. The Great Skua, Megalestris catarrhactes. ['bOngksi (Jak.)]
    *Sh. 1774 G. Low Tour thro' Ork. and Schet. (1879) 99:
    Here we find that remarkable bird the Skua, called here Bonxie.
    *Sh. 1821 Scott Pirate (1822) iv.:
    See, the very shear-waters and bonxies are making to the cliff for shelter.
    *Sh. 1913 G. W. Stout in Old-Lore Misc., Ork., Sh., etc. VI. iii. 137:
    The traditional stories among the natives say that the ``bonxie'' formerly bred in the Fair Isle in numbers.
    *Ork. 1806 P. Neill Tour through . . . Ork. and Sh. 201-202:
    Bonxie. Skua-gull. . . . This is the Port Egmont Hen of our circumnavigators. . . . It is also called skuie.

    [Deriv. of O.N. bunki, heap, cf. Norw. bunke, heap, ``corpulent woman'' (Jak.), hence any dumpy body.]