DSL - SND1   +UNSEELY, adj. Also unseally, oonseely.      1. Of times, conditions, etc.: characterized by danger or misfortune, unhappy, unseasonable; ``unholy'', ``ungodly''. See  seely , SEIL, n.
    *Abd. 1828 P. Buchan Ballads II. 11:
    There fell a-rousing them amang, On an unseally time.
    *Abd. 1891 Trans. Bch. Field Club II. 15:
    He had to get up in ``the onseely `oors o' the nicht'' to go to sea.

    2. Of animals: mischievous, evil-doing, ill-conditioned. Cf. UNSELL, n.
    *Mry. 1804 R. Couper Poetry II. 84:
    My bacon ham, my table's pride The unseely tyke has ta'en.

    [O.Sc. uns(e)illy, unsely, miserable, unlucky, 1513, O.E. unsli3, id.]