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CHAP, v.1 1. (1) Add to defin.: (Ork., Cai., Bnff., Abd., Fif., Edb., Arg., Gsw., Ayr., Dmf., Rxb. 2000s). Add quot.: wm.Sc. 1995  Alan Warner Morvern Callar 86:
I drank what you could spare of the milk then chapped the eggs on those stones I'd lugged up from the river to put round the fire.

1. (2) Add quots.: Ags. 1990s  :
The cloak chapped fower. The clock struck four.
ne.Sc. 2004  Press and Journal 31 May 12:
Doublin back, the wifie calm't me doon an ordered me oot o the car in the traffic steer o the nerra streets o Dunblane jist as the clock wis chappin alaiven an the doors aboot tae be steekit.

1. (3) Add quot.: Abd. 1992  David Toulmin Collected Short Stories 215:
He had chapped his thoom with a claw hammer.

1. (5) Add quot.: em.Sc. 1992  Ian Rankin Strip Jack (1993) 126:
The Englishman's laughter filled the silent bar, then died. A domino clacked on to a table. Another chapped. Rebus left his glass where it was and approached the group.

1. (5) Add Deriv.: chapper, A person who misses a turn in dominoes (Cai., Bnff., Fif., Edb., Gsw., Ayr., Dmf. 2000s).Sc. 1995  Daily Record 14 Feb 10:
What is it about domino players? Recently a crowd of these so-called sportsmen have invaded our local. I thought that you had to be over 18 to go to a pub, but these noisy chappers behave like bairns.
Sc. 1996  Scotland on Sunday 4 Aug 8:
There is no malice in him, no finger-pointing or sermonising, but nose-pickers and plouk-squeezers have no hiding place. Folk lean into blatters of rain and snow as if balancing a dinghy in a squall. He catches us in the act — canoodlers and fornicators, philanderers and chantywrasslers, musicians, feardygowk footballers and improbable angels, cats, card players, domino chappers and social derelicts.

2. Add to defin.: (Ork., Cai., Fif., Edb., Gsw., Ayr., Rxb. 2000s). Add quots.: Gsw. 1985  James Kelman A Chancer 8:
Don't come barging in here without chapping!
Ags. 1988  Raymond Vettese The Richt Noise 26:
My nieves are sair wi chappin
but nocht as sair as my dunched hairt;
I canna aye joke the dunts awa.
m.Sc. 1990  James Meek in Hamish Whyte and Janice Galloway New Writing Scotland 8: The Day I Met the Queen Mother 99:
I knocked again and someone started beating a snare drun. When I chapped the third time the door opened and out marched the orange brigade band of Milngavie ...
m.Sc. 1991  Robert Alan Jamieson A Day at the Office 56:
The flat had a light on in it and he chapped. After a moment, the door opened.
Gsw. 1991  Scotsman 25 Mar 11:
Happily, at that confusing juncture the right man materialises chapping on the British Telecom booth with his mobile phone.
Gsw. 1993  Herald 18 Jan 4:
...the incessant supply of Herald readers who now chap on our door and say: "I hope you don't mind me asking but is this the City Croft?"
Sc. 1995  Scotsman 2 May 3:
" ... The postie kept chapping on the door and I thought it was the poll tax people, so nobody would answer it. ..."
em.Sc. 2000  James Robertson The Fanatic 106:
He unsnecked the door and Mitchel was hit by the icy night. They looked around but the courtyard was silent and empty. 'She'll chap when she wants back in,' the Major said.
Sc. 2004  Scotsman 16 Sep 24:
PS: Jack had better make sure that his next TV appearance is not Danny Baker chappin' on his door and asking him to take the Daz challenge.

2. Supp.1 Add quot.: Dundee 1987  Norman Lynn Row Laddie Sixty Years On 59:
It concerned a 'Chapper' a man whose job it was to waken people in the early morning, being described as someone's half-brother.

2. Add: 2. (2) To knock at (a door etc.) (Cai., Abd., Fif., Edb., Gsw., Ayr., Dmf., Rxb. 2000s).Gsw. 1983  James Kelman Not not while the giro 158:
On the first floor each of the flats had had its door taken off. He passed quickly up to the second and chapped the only flat which had one.
Edb. 1991  Gordon Legge In Between Talking about the Football 77:
They have chapped the doors of the thirty-three places in our wee town that you can buy dope and have come up with nothing.
m.Sc. 1991  Robert Alan Jamieson A Day at the Office 15:
He chapped the door three times, then leant forward to try to see in through the peep-hole fish eye.
Edb. 1992  :
I chapped the door before going in.
Rnf. 1993  History on your Doorstep, The Reminiscences of the Ferguslie Elderly Forum 37:
You used to chap the doors and they asked you to sing or say a poem and you got nuts and apples.
Sc. 1995  David Purves Hert's Bluid 20:
A hae hard tell anaw that at
the tyme thai open Paurliement,
thai hae ane unco chiel, Blek Rod,
that thryce maun chap the chaumer dure ...

8. Add Phr.: chap-door-run, A children's game in which one knocks at a door and runs away. (Fif., Edb. 2000s).Fif. 1985  Christopher Rush A Twelvemonth and a Day 234:
It was chap-door-run, for we were men of the snows and the Muscovite campaigns and no-one could face us in our accustomed element.
Sc. 1993  Independent 21 Mar 20:
One of our favourite ways of harassing adults was to keep knocking on the door and running away (it was a game that went by different names: Door-a-bella, Chap-door-run-away, White horses). It drove people mad.
Sc. 1997  Daily Record 24 May 2:
"A favourite with local kids, especially when it comes to chap-door-run."
Sc. 1997  Scotsman 6 Aug 3:
They invoked his "good natured" ire by dragging him from his carry-out and TV with games of chap-door-run-away.
Sc. 2000  Sunday Herald 20 Aug 19:
Next week, we launch our campaign to have "Chap Door Run Away" introduced as a demonstration sport at the Sydney Olympics.
Sc. 2003  Scotland on Sunday 15 Jun 17:
Nor is it tenable that before television robbed them of independent thought, children all sat about reading Treasure Island and discussing world affairs: most of them were too busy playing that old favourite "chap door, run away".

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