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STOUR, n., v., adv. I. 1. Add quot.: Sc. 1991  R. Crombie Saunders in Tom Hubbard The New Makars 28:
He fain wad front the field
An caa them til the stour:
"Let him assay the shield
Wad haud my luve a hure!"

I. 3. Add quots.: m.Sc. 1982  Douglas MacLagan in Hamish Brown Poems of the Scottish Hills 158:
The flytin' there was loud and rough;
The Duke cam' o'er
Wi' gillies four,
To mak' a stour,
An' drive Balfour,
Frae 'yont the Hielan' hills, man.
Uls. 1987  Sam Hanna Bell Across the Narrow Sea 108:
'Mr Echlin's raising a stoor about a mill-wright. Have ye found one yet?'

I. 4. Hence Add variant stoorie.
Add quots.: Arg. 1992  :
It's right stoorie-lookin.
Edb. 1993  :
It wis gey stoorie oot last night.

I. 5. Add quots.: m.Sc. 1979  Ian Bowman in Joy Hendry Chapman 23–4 (1985) 40:
He doutna glower at me, but he bent
to scrieve wi his finger in the stour;
then his spreit cam oot to me, an I kent
he was blate at ma shame, for aa his power.
Sc. 1991  Forbes Macgregor in Tom Hubbard The New Makars 17:
The Lord's taen up twal stane o stour
To mak a man within the oor;
Edb. 1991  J. K. Annand in Tom Hubbard The New Makars 20:
Aneath a hap o snaw it derns
Deep in a dwam for maist the year
To burst throu in a bleeze o starns
Syne skail its flourish on the stour.
Cai. 1992  James Miller A Fine White Stoor 215:
Ye love this place as much as I do myself. It's in your blood, the very stoor o the place thumps in your veins and birls in your brain.
Dundee 1996  Matthew Fitt Pure Radge 7:
oot ther in the soss
oot ther in the stoor
the ba skyters yin wey
is blootert the ither
a man is cowped
em.Sc. 1997  Ian Rankin Black & Blue (1999) 69:
'You should have seen the stoor that came off when we brought them out.'
Lnk. 1998  Duncan Glen Selected New Poems 13:
And William
Dunbar sclimmin, haund owre haund,
up Castle Rock. And James VI ridin north,
no to be seen for stour?
Sc. 2000  Herald 13 Mar 15:
A slight shadowing on the wall above one radiator prompts skoosh with spray bleach cleaner followed by creation of astonishingly obvious circles of cleanliness — and correspondingly blatant clinging stoor.

I. 5. Adj. Add quots.: Sc. 1991  T. S. Law in Tom Hubbard The New Makars 31:
alang the stoorie pad
the lane sodger lad.
Sc. 1992  Herald 5 Sep 12:
Yet about a quarter (up to 50,000) of the one-time population were engaged in that stoorie industry. It affected every aspect of city life. Jute made Dundee a divided place of rich and poor.

I. 5. Combs. Add Comb.: stour soukin, Vacuum cleaning.Dundee 2000  Ellie McDonald Pathfinder 4:
This is yer Muse talkin.
Ye're on yer final warnin.
Nae mair sclatchin i the kitchen,
nae mair hingin out the washin,
nae mair stour soukin.
This is yer Muse talkin
fae the wyste paper basket.

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