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CAULDRIFE, Cauldrif, Coldrife, adj. and adv. Coldrife is an anglicised form. [′kɑl(d)rɪf, ′kɑl(d)rəɪf]

1. adj.

(1) Cold, chilly; of things: causing the sensation of cold; of people: susceptible to cold. Gen.Sc. Sc. 1728  Ramsay Poems II. 28:
Ah Heavens! did e'er this lyart Head of mine Think to have seen the cauldrife Mools on thine!
Sc. 1928  W. Soutar in Scots Mag. (Feb.) 363:
Attour auld Arthour's Sate nae stern glours doon Intae the cauldrife city.
Bnff. 1920 6 :
Ye're a cauldrif crater.
Abd.(D) 1920  C. Murray In the Country Places 8:
Noo that cauldrife Winter's here There's a pig in ilka bed.
Kcb. 1894  S. R. Crockett Raiders ii.:
The hour of slack tide, when a watcher sitting up with the sick gets chill and cauldrife.

(2) Cold or chilly in manner; indifferent; wanting in cheerfulness. Known to Bnff.2, Abd. correspondents, Ags.2, Fif.1 1938. Sc. 1718  R. Wodrow Corresp. (1843) II. 401:
Mr Mitchell wrote to some of our Jurant brethren at our Synod to delay this matter a little. Accordingly, we found them coldrife, and we were so likewise.
Sc. 1828  Wilson Noctes Amb. (1855) II. 60:
Oh, sir, but his [Sheridan's] comedies are cauldrife compositions.
Fif. 1897  “G. Setoun” George Malcolm iii.:
He's but a cauldrife cratur i' the pulpit.
Rnf. 1815  W. Finlayson Simple Sc. Rhymes 82:
Driven by my cauldrife scorn an' pride, He sought the maid o' Gowan-side.
Ayr. 1889  H. Johnston Chron. of Glenbuckie xv.:
It's an unco cauldrife meeting.

2. adv. Coldly, indifferently. Edb. 1791  J. Learmont Poems 47:
And gars them cauldrife nod Throuch poortith's glen.
Wgt. 1804  R. Couper Poems II. 97:
Cauldrife the honest man looks on The rising and the setting sun.

[From Cauld, cold + Sc. suff. -rife, used with intensive or pleonastic force (see Westergaard pp. 86–87).]

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