it>Sc. 1717 Burgh Rec. Gsw. (1908) 624-5:
    It is enacted, statute and ordained that no person should ryde in convoying any person either from or to the toun, nor spend any money in taverns or other wayes without ane order from the provost.
    *Sc. 1763 Boswell London Jnl. (1950) 228:
    He convoyed me up Snow Hill as far as to Cheapside.
    II. 1. Phrs. Add: Hielan convoy = (2) (Ork., Ags., Per. 1975).
    *Rxb. 1875 N. Elliott Nellie Macpherson 141:
    Mysie an' me `ill gie ye a Hielan convoy as far as the march dyke.

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