DSL - SNDS2   FURTH, adv., prep., n., adj. I. 2. (1) Add quots.:
    *Sc. 1979 John Kincaid in Joy Hendry Chapman 23-4 (1985) 31:
    Leaving dramatists aside for the moment, there are some funny directors about these days, furth of Scotland as well as in it.
    *wm.Sc. 1989 Anna Blair The Goose Girl of Eriska 152:
    ... but there were tales from further afield beyond Eriboll, Tongue and Hope, and even furth of Scourie, of some new wild highwaymen flourishing gleaming pistols, firing them threateningly into the air, emptying purses of gold coin from rich travellers, ...
    *Sc. 1992 Herald 7 Nov :
    It is a pity that a leading Scottish newspaper should still be churning the old "kent his faither" philosophy which has bedevilled Scotland throughout the centuries and sent so many of its artists furth of its borders.
    *Gsw. 1999 Herald 27 Aug 21:
    A Lady, a native of Greenock, now living furth of that parish, sends this thought-provoking contribution :...
    *Sc. 2000 Herald 1 Feb 17:
    At least 90% of all Presbyterians in Scotland still adhere to the national Kirk, which despite its woes and stumblings has still a bigger part in the nation's life than the Church of England can claim furth of Hadrian's Wall.
    *Sc. 2000 Herald 2 Mar 19:
    Minnie Gorie was the oldest supermodel in the world. Her granddaughter, Ingrid Tait, having inherited her mother's artistic skill, is making a name for herself furth of Orkney as a designer.