DSL - SND1   BOUR, Boor, n. Sc. forms of St.Eng. bower. The form bower is also found in Sc. [bu:r]     1. A dwelling; a lodging-place, an inn.
    *Sc. 1703 Acc. Bk. Sir J. Foutis (S.H.S. 1894):
    Oct. 7: for a nights lodging at the bour, as I went to stow, man and horses and brandie . . . 2.19.0.
    *Sh. 1912 A. W. Johnston in Old-Lore Misc., Ork., Sh., etc. V. iv. 178:
    Brave gentles all, within this boor, If ye delight in any sport, Come see me dance upon this floor.

    2. ``An arch of green boughs held over the bride and bridegroom in bygone days when proceeding to the kirk for the marriage ceremony'' (Fif. c.1850 per Fif.10).
    [O.Sc. bour, bowr, an inner apartment, a lady's private apartment; a bower of foliage (D.O.S.T.). O.E. br, dwelling, from ban, to dwell; O.N. br.]