DSL - SND1   BOURIE, Bowry, n. ['bu:ri, 'bVu@ri]     1. A rabbit's burrow; an animal's lair; sometimes extended to the resting-place of a person (see quot. 3).
    *Sc. 1808 Jam.:
    Bourie, a hole made in the earth by rabbits, or other animals that hide themselves there.
    *Sc. 1912 A.O.W.B. Fables frae the French 93:
    A mappy frae his bourie boundit oot, Syne skipt ahint a buss.
    *Hdg. 1885 ``S. Mucklebackit'' Rural Rhymes, etc. 11:
    A rumblin' like a yirthquake sheuk My simmer morning bourie!

    2. A house made of sand. Cf. BOORACH, n., 4 (2).
    *Slg.3 1914:
    Let us hae a bowry .

    [May be a reduced form of burrow, or a dim. of BOUR, n., 1, with extended application.]