DSL - SNDS   BEAR, n. Add variant beir (Abd. 1711 Third S.C. Misc. I. 18).
    2. (10) For Bere-hooks read Bere-hook. Add to (14): Phr. bear meal marriage, a poor marriage, not one likely to bring wealth or position.
    *Per. 1802 Letters J. Ramsay (S.H.S.) 77:
    That would be no great marriage, what Lucky Murray of Crieff used to call a bear meal marriage.

    Add: bear-measure, the system of dry measure used for bear. See TABLES OF MEASURES above.
    *Kcd. 1809 G. Robertson Agric. Kcd. 98:
    35 to 45 bolls of shells, bear measure, to the acre.

    (24) Add ref. to defin.: (Mry. 1839 G. Gordon Flora Mry. 11). Add: pew-bear, bear paid to a church in lieu of seat-rents (Sh. 1742 Hjaltland Misc. (1939) III. 49).